Most Valuable Players and the AOCC Dream Team

During the championships, we have seen plenty of great handball talent, incredible goals and top play. Though there have been some players that have been outstanding throughout the whole tournament and where the stats stacked up too. Therefore we could crown the following players for their superb performance: 
Most Valuable Players:

Men's: Caleb Gahan (Wolves HC) - 19 vote points
Women's: Cassidy Chambonnier (AS Dumbea) - 20 vote points

Top scorers:

Men's: Caleb Gahan and Joan Cornella (both 37 goals)
Women's: Cassidy Chambonnier (50 goals, excluding the final)

Australian Open Dream Teams:

GK: Maikel Takken (Sydney)
LW: Joan Cornella (Sydney)
RW: Vicente Sancho (Sydney)
LB: Arnaud Dib (UTS)
CB: Caleb Gahan (Wolves HC)
RB: Daan Versleeuwen (Sydney)
Pivot: Karl Warrener (UTS)


GK: Manon Vernay (Melbourne)
LW: Elaine Koeber (UTS)
RW: Jane Kirk (UTS)
LW: Elsa Perhag (Melbourne)
CB: Cassidy Chambonnier (AS Dumbea)
RB: Olivia Vaitanaki (AS Dumbea)

Pivot: Ana Medjed (Melbourne)

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